5 Ideas to Spice Up Your Ecommerce Website This Christmas

By Visibee December 20, 2018 No Comments

Christmas is fast approaching again with only few days left and holiday season means shopping. From a business point of view, it’s a peak time for you to build brand awareness, increase sales and overall get people talking about your business.

As an eCommerce website owner, you can easily convert your site visitors into paying customers by revamping your website, offer discounts and promotions, to better serve shoppers this festive season.

Now, let’s examine 5 simple ways to spice up your website this Christmas and make it more attractive to visitors to maximize sales revenues.

1. Employ Christmas themed offers and landing pages
Everyone loves Christmas, so keep your website visitors in the mood to shop by updating your offers, landing pages or logo with Christmas themes incorporating traditional colors related with Christmas such as green, red or gold. You may also let your visitors who loves white Christmas enjoy shopping with a snowy background on your website or fur trees on the banner of every page covered with snow.

Here are Christmas or general holiday elements you can put on your website:

• Santa
• Christmas tree
• A snowman
• Christmas hats
• Lights
• A wreath
• Presents
• Elves
• Mistletoe

Decorating your website relating to the taste of the Christmas season can help your marketing efforts considerably. You can go online and choose the best eCommerce template for your eCommerce store or hire an agency to do the website updating for you.

2. Write Christmas and holiday related blog posts
Having a blog on your website is good marketing idea because content is the backbone of long-term growth. You might want to consider writing more blogs related to Christmas topics, from holiday traditions to showcasing some of your best-selling products that are perfect for Christmas.

Be sure to follow SEO best practices when creating an article so that your target audience can easily find your content on the search engines. SEO best practices include:

• Search the right keywords on different keyword research tools like Google Keyword Planner and choose the right keywords for your content.
Focus on 1–2 long-tail keywords that match the intent of your ideal reader.
• Use URL structures to make it easy for your visitors to understand your website and your content.
• Use your keywords in the Headings and subheadings
• Include a 50-60 characters meta title and description with 120 to 158 characters.
• Include images that help explain your content and optimize your images' alt text.

3. Use some festive imagery
During Christmas, it’s a tradition to set up a Christmas tree and decorate it with tinsel, lights or baubles. Why not do the same on your website? Decorate and prosper it with things like Christmas-related icons and festive stock pictures to attract and encourage users to explore the site more. This is something to consider if you are serious about grabbing your clients’ and clients’ friend’s attention and interest and having your website prosper over the holidays.

Lots of free and paid Christmas icons and images are available online, so find some festive imagery that are right for you and your website. Be sure to read up on the license agreements before downloading.

4. Highlight Your Shipping and Returns Policies
If you offer free shipping and return and exchange, be sure to highlight it on your homepage or landing pages. Also include your delivery time so users feel comfortable that their purchase orders will arrive as they expected.

Ideally, online shoppers visit your site, finds a product they want to purchase, puts it in their cart, and then completes their purchase. Unfortunately, they changed their mind, they don’t fit the product, is different from the photos or has a damage. So, present a solid customer-focused shipping options and returns policies properly for them to have an idea on your process. Likewise, don’t forget to include your return policies on receipts and packing slips. This way, your online customers will have trust your brand and will be more likely to buy more often on your site.

5. Run a Christmas Competition
Do you want to attract the attention of visitors to your site? Running a Christmas competition on your website or on social media is a great way to get people to like your page on Facebook, follow you on Twitter, subscribe to your blog or simply click to your link directing them to your site. This can help you get more leads.

People love competitions, and everyone likes a good deal especially on festive seasons. No matter how big or small is your offer for a prize, choose what best suits for a Christmas present.

You definitely want your eCommerce website to maximize sales out of the holiday season, so start planning for your Christmas marketing early by employing these 5 tips for spicing up your website during the festive season.